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Roger Booker - Accountant achieves over 400% Growth
John Hickman, Coastal Construction Group
Initial Situation
Roger wanted to build a franchise operation in Australia but could not get enough applicants
Reason for Joining Streetsmart Business School:
To generate more franchises for his accounting model. Their business would not survive at the level they were at and needed to grow urgently
They were accountants. They did not know anything about marketing or sales. They had to get out of the institutional way of doing business and try very foreign ideas that pushed them out of their comfort zones.
Time Frame:
Within 12 months they had doubled the size of their franchises.
1 year
Roger has now mastered many other business skills including Sales and Marketing and now is a very successful franchisor 
If you want a different result you must become a different person.
Step outside your comfort zone and follow proven mentors.
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
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