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John Dwyer - Went from Frustration to Freedom
John Hickman, Coastal Construction Group
Initial Situation
John was Millions of Dollars in Debt. He was literally sleeping in the street and his family had largely disowned him.
Reason for Joining Streetsmart Business School:
John was desperate. He needed to develop a way to create income and FAST.
Coming from millions of dollars in debt, Bill collectors chasing him, court cases one after the other John needed a way to make money to keep the wheels turning.
Time Frame:
Within a few years we helped John develop skills that helped him create a fantastic Painting business.
1 year
John has now removed all the debt. He no longer worries about how to make money and is now Streetsmart and equipped to rebuild his life taking the Fast Track we have taught him.
You MUST keep going. Make a commitment to only hang around people that enhance your life not inhibit your life AND JUST DO WHAT IAN TELLS YOU!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
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