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James and Alex Medved - The Fastest Growing Horse Float Retailer in Australia
John Hickman, Coastal Construction Group
Initial Situation
They had bought a horse float manufacturing business but after initial success had stagnated in sales
Reason for Joining Streetsmart Business School:
To make it a viable company they had to create an effective lead generation and sales system.
Not knowing anything about marketing  they did not understand how to Market or Position themselves.They had not created any reason why people should choose them over and above any other option that people may have.
Time Frame:
Within 12 months of launching the marketing and sales systems Streetsmart created for them including the website they have quadrupled the sales. 
1 year
They now report nearly month as the Best Ever and keep Breaking their records. This is a good thing, however, Brad is only one person so he has now reached maximum capacity in his practice.

As a result They have now created a new model that allows them to leverage their results.
Brad and Monique are about to release their first Book and this will lead to group workshops in the niche they are experts in.
After becoming Streetsmart they have realised that there is a real cost to inaction and it had potentially cost them a fortune by not acting sooner.
When something makes sense "Just Do IT"
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
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