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Brad and Monique Everton  Synergy Mind Solutions
John Hickman, Coastal Construction Group
Initial Situation
Losing major clients, and Psychology practice hurting
Reason for Joining Streetsmart Business School:
Increase the client base of the practice
Not knowing anything about marketing or Business they did not understand how to Market or Position themselves.
Time Frame:
Members 2.5 years
1 year
They now report nearly month as the Best Ever and keep Breaking their records. This is a good thing, however, Brad is only one person so he has now reached maximum capacity in his practice.

As a result They have now created a new model that allows them to leverage their results.
Brad and Monique are about to release their first Book On Track Parenting and this will lead to group workshops in the niche they are experts in.
“Just because something is does not mean it should be.” Do not get trapped in the Dogma of thinking that everyone else runs their business like this so I will too. (remember only 39% of small business make a profit) so you are setting yourself up for failure. Be Streetsmart, Not Sheepsmart.
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
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