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Ali and Danny Halupka - We now have a Business instead of a job!
John Hickman, Coastal Construction Group
Initial Situation
Danny and Ali have a great Shed Building Company in South Australia. It is family owned and Danny and Ali were responsible for everything.
Reason for Joining Streetsmart Business School:
They wanted to grow their business and hopefully double it.
Not knowing anything about marketing or Business they did not understand how to Market or Position themselves. They did not empower their team to take responsibility, they did not have a sales or marketing system. They had not taken a holiday for 25 years.
Time Frame:
In the first year they learned a lot but had not implemented. However, after a come to Jesus conversation with Ian they changed gears and implemented what we had created at the speed of light. Within 12 mths of that time they had doubled their business. (keep reading because the story gets better)
1 year
They have now created a business and are regarded as one of the best Shed Construction companies in South Australia
“Do not be a perfectionist. Nothing will ever be perfect. Just execute, execute, execute!"
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
Attention all SERIOUS Business Owners!
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